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Shark Bay is brimming with a huge variety of wildlife. All year round there are dolphins, dugongs and huge loggerhead and green turtles. In the warmer months they’re joined by sea-snakes, sharks (our largest a 4.5 metre tiger shark), sting-rays, flying-fish and the long-tom, a fish that skips across the sea on its tail. Rare highlights are manta rays & whales.

The best way to see this magnificent wildlife is by cruising with Shark Bay’s wildlife specialist; the internationally famous, fabulous, 60’ (18m) pure sailing catamaran, Shotover - “the nature boat”. You’ll be awed by this spectacular, deserted piece of paradise, where Nature overwhelms.

The only cruise company in the world to give you all these commitments:

Love it, or it’s free! - 100% money-back guarantee ✔
Your totally unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee to you. Imagine, a wildlife, sailing and fun experience that exceptional. This extends beyond the cruise to also include everything available on board - clothing; printed items; food and drink.

Plus, $100 warranty of no seasickness ✔
The only 100% certain seasickness cure is to sit under a gum tree. But thanks to Shotover’s exceptionally sea-kindly design seasickness is so unlikely, that we'll give $100 in soft warm cash to any fare paying passenger who gets physically seasick (no fingers in the throat!).

Plus, animal warranty ✔

Monkey Mia Wildsights Cruise Brochure

Check out our brochure by clicking the cover above

With wild animals there is naturally the possibility of occasionally not finding them, so we’ll remove that risk for you! If ever you don’t see the animals to your satisfaction you are welcome to come back again, on any cruise, as our guest (yes, for free), as often as you like until you have seen the animals to your total satisfaction. Mind you we’ve been here since 1993, so we know where to go, and you've got excellent prospects of seeing animals.

The only cruise company in the world to give you all these features:

Plus, hear the animals underwater ✔
You’ll hear the dolphins’ often funny and always incredible, vocabulary through our underwater microphone. Amazingly, the crew can tell you what the sounds mean.

Plus, see the animals underwater ✔
So you don’t miss a thing, you’ll be given the use of sunglasses fitted with specially treated, tinted lenses that eliminate surface glare to give you the best view of the animals underwater.

Plus, designed specifically for wildlife watching ✔
No deck cabin to obstruct your view of the animals or separate you from the action. The animals are outside. To see them, you need to be out there with them. There’s ringside seating around the boat and no cabin to obstruct your view or separate you from the action. You’re always in fresh air and in touch with your friends and your crew.

Plus, protection from the elements ✔
Weatherproof clothing is provided. The sails and a rear deck awning provide shade. There’s a refreshing seawater shower if you really want to cool off. Plus free sunscreen.

Plus, environmentally preserving tomorrow, today ✔
Shotover is primarily wind and solar powered and has virtually eliminated noise, air and water pollution, so your enjoyment isn’t affecting the animals or the planet.

Through space-age technology, the fridge is actually cooled by the sun! The chemical-free toilet uses seawater and solar electricity to render toilet-waste bacteria-free. Our safe, Australian-made, cleaning products are made from sustainable, natural ingredients, which are phosphate and nitrate free and not tested on animals.

We conserve fossil fuel by using extremely efficient, high-tech propellers coupled with seldom used, small engines (Shotover averages less than 2 litres of fuel per cruise). Fossil fuel is further conserved by technologically extending our oil changes to yearly. Storing electricity in gel batteries eliminates the gassing and disposal problems of lead/acid batteries.

Plus, Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation from the Ecotourism Association of Australia ✔

Plus, Quality Assurance Accreditation from the Australian Tourism Accreditation Authority ✔

Other Services

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Astronomy on the Beach

You'll be challenged by the incomprehensible vastness. You'll understand how stars are born and die and how life has formed. You'll probably wonder not IF there are other life-forms but WHAT are the other life forms. At the end of the session you'll be able to identify major stars...Read More...

Outback 4WD Tours

Shark Bay’s World Heritage Area is outstanding on a global scale, on par with some of the most famous natural treasures on earth.
Now you can discover the secrets of this unique and awesome wilderness with a highly personalised (maximum 7 guests), fair dinkum...Read More...

Wildsights Villas

The "Villas" are a recent addition to the Wildsights group of businesses, established in Shark Bay in1993, which also operates other accommodation as well as tours, cruises and an activity booking service.
50 metres from the beach in Denham...

Wildsights Beach Units

The building is called the Beach House because that's what it is! It's unpretentious on the outside and very cosy on the inside. We've put a lot of practical thought into making this your welcoming home away from home. Located in Denham town centre with the Supermarket... Read More...

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Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)


Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
This is a full day trip adventuring through a spectacular, special piece of earth, right where outback Australia meets the coast.
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Duration: 1.5 hour (approx.)


Duration: 1.5 hour (approx.)
A perfect way to end the day, bring a friend and your favourite drink to catch the sun as it turns day into night.
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Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)


Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
This is THE cruise to see dugong, dolphins, turtles (plus all the other animals). Three hours of wonderful wildlife, sensational sailing, fantastic fun.


Read what others have to say

“Amazing, relaxing and CHEAP”

Reviewed: 10/01/2016

Went on the evening cruise, staff were so accommodating handing out blankets to those that got cold and walking around taking everyone's photo, lovely background music and great atmosphere plus BYO drinks and all for only $39 - AWESOME

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Location: Perth, Australia

“Amazing experience with an awesome crew!”

Reviewed: 18/01/2016

I'm lucky enough to have been on the shotover wildsights cruise and sunset cruise a few times now and I can honestly say that it never disappoints! The wildsights cruise delivers on its promise of exciting encounters with wildlife in their natural setting and the sunset cruise is a great way to wind down at the end of the day with some good tunes and great company! To top it all off the friendly crew really know all there is to know about Shark Bay and its amazing creatures and are always up for a chat! Wouldn't recommend anyone else!!!

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Location: Perth, Australia

“Sailing with a bunch of animals and enjoying it....”

Reviewed: 02/01/2016

Wildsights offer sensational cruises in Shark Bay. The boat used is called Shotover, a beauty of a catamaran, apparently still holding speed records. The race boat it once was has been decked out as a tourist cruise vessel but it is still a joy to sail. The crew clearly love sailing and love spotting animals. Shark Bay is lush with wildlife and the cruises are focused on encounters with dolphins, dugong, sharks, rays, sea snakes, turtles and what not. We did the 1 pm dugong cruise and you get a free sunset cruise thrown in, which you can do another day. Both cruises were excellent. We saw all the animals above while enjoying the wind in our hair. The sunset cruise is like lounging in Ibiza, sipping BYO wine and winding down on the water. Can't get enough of it. And as it was my birthday, I got the Shotover t-shirt as well, hahahaha!

Vertical Image
Location: Byron Bay, Australia

“Don't miss the 4WD tour!”

Reviewed: 01/11/2015

Did the 3-package tour:
Origin of the Mermaid Myth Cruise
Magic Sunset
Francois Peron National Park 4WD Tour

Wildsights is professionally run and works hard to maintain its reputation, despite little competition.
The cruises on the catamaran are wonderful - knowledgeable crew/ nice atmosphere.
Highlight was the 4WD tour with Harvey, the owner - the most passionate man imaginable about the park! This enthusiasm spills over and really makes the day tour a huge success.

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Location: Switzerland

“Francois Peron 4WD Trip”

Reviewed: 14/10/2015

Did the full day Francois Peron National Park tour and it was unbelievable! The 4WD trip in was an adventure in itself but then when we stopped at the numerous viewpoints along the coastline the scenery is just without words. We saw dugongs, Dolphins, whales, sea turtles all from the beaches and clifftops as you gaze down into the stunning azure blue crystal clear waters. A must do if you are visiting Monkey Mia or Denham. A huge thank you also to our tour guide for the day, Bell for sharing with us her knowledge , passion, great driving skills and sense of fun and adventure for the area!

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Location: Cairns Region

“Sunset and Dolphins aboard the Catamaran Shotover”

Reviewed: 11/08/2015

What a delightful way to watch the sun set ,watching diving sea birds and Dolphins, as we sailed along the coastline.

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Location: Adelaide, Australia

“Awesome day in an amazing place”

Reviewed: 28/01/2015

Our 4WD tour of Francis Peron National Park was a real highlight of our trip to Western Australia. To have travelled all the way to Shark Bay and not done this trip would have been a huge missed opportunity. It is a full day tour but we would happily have spent longer at many of the places we visited, especially Skipjack Point. we had a wonderful day with Harvey, our guide, and can't thank him enough for an awesome day in an amazing place.

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Location: Bristol, UK

“Astonishing landscapes, a great variety of wildlife and Harvey, one of a kind guide!”

Reviewed: 14/01/2015

The Francois Peron National Park tour on a 4WD was definitely a highlight during our WA road trip holiday (Christmas and NY 2014/15). My partner and I are very pleased we decided to take this tour as we had the chance to learn about the different aspects of this amazing corner of WA and also meet Harvey, a one of a kind tour guide and owner of the business. We were a small group of 4, which in my opinion the less the better, Harvey managed to make everyone feel comfortable with each other from the very beginning, he brought us to stunning and remote places to admire unique landscapes which we could not discover ourselves, he also gave us plenty of time for photos.
He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate for what he does, I could feel he tried his best to give us a sense of the land by explaining about the many native plants, wildlife and history of this area...

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Location: Unknown

“Breathtaking scenery, brilliant guide”

Reviewed: 25/07/2015

The 4WD tour of Francois Peron National Park, conducted by Harvey from Wildsights, was by far the highlight of our trip to Shark Bay. Because it is a full-day tour that runs from 9 am to 5 pm, we initially wondered how we could spend all that time in the same place. We needn't have worried; Harvey and the Francois Peron National Park delivered in spades. The eye-popping contrasts of colour between the orange sand, the turquoise ocean and the white sand dunes made for a stunning backdrop for pictures, and Harvey knew just the spots to bring us.
But this was not just a "photo-op" tour. More importantly, Harvey made the National Park come alive with his intimate knowledge of the land. He was constantly on the lookout for wildlife: at one point, he slammed on the brakes because he spotted an out-of-season thorny devil in the middle of the road!...

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Location: Unknown

“Highly professional, friendly and informative”

Reviewed: 13/06/2015

Today we went for a drive. For once we went in someone else's vehicle - Wildsights' 4WD trip to Cape Peron at the top of the central peninsula in Shark Bay Western Australia. The 4WD trip is linked more or less to their main attraction, which we'll go on tomorrow: the cruise on the catamaran Shotover. But this review is just for today's trip with our driver and tour guide, Katie Hughes and her apprentice Ru.
The full day trip is full of wonderful sights and expert information. Katie knows a lot, sees a lot, and is constantly helpful. Ru likewise, as she is taking over the job in a few weeks. This is not your sensationalist always-amazing "quick-leave this and onto the next thing" tour as these things can be. We loved it. Despite the gale-force winds nearly all day - wearing weather jackets in this climate seems so incongruous - we enjoyed every minute of it. Thoroughly recommended for everyone who is eco-inclined and wants to be accurately informed.

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Location: Perth, Australia

“Great 4WD tour and Cruise”

Reviewed: 29/04/2014

We just came back from our Easter visit to Monkey Mia, and took the 4WD tour and cruise from Wildsights.
We went on the 4WD tour with Harvey as our guide. Harvey was a fount of knowledge about the Park and kept us entertained and informed about everything. He also paid special attention to our two kids, 10 and 5 year olds, and made sure to include them when showing us the plants/foot prints/features of the park.. Lunch was fantastic as we were at this platform above the sea, and could enjoy the sight of lots of creatures in the sea as we ate our lunch. There was even coffee/tea, and biscuits after lunch. The park is a natural wonder, with lots of wild life and is absolutely beautiful. Going on Easter Friday meant that there was actually quite a lot of people there, but the park was so big, we didn't see many people at all...

Vertical Image
Location: Hong Kong, China

“Definitely a must do: 4WD Tour and Catamaran Cruise”

Reviewed: 25/04/2014

We booked the 4WD Tour and the Catamaran Cruise at the same time as this meant we received a discount and the free sunset cruise.

Harvey our guide for the 4WD Tour was highly entertaining and very knowledgeable on the Francois Peron National Park. Harvey definitely made our day! The views are spectacular and I hope to return in Summer to see the red sand and blue seas in full sunshine. We saw dolphins, turtles, Eagle rays, Kangaroos and an Echidna on our way home. I didn't realise how big the National Park was until we were driving through it and I am very glad we booked the 4WD Tour and didn't attempt to drive on the tracks ourselves!

Vertical Image
Location: Perth, Australia

“Fantastic tour”

Reviewed: 14/06/2013

This was a great tour of Francois Peron. There were just 6 of us in the 4WD so very confortable. Skye, our guide, is very knowledgeable about and interested in the ecology and taught us a lot about the plant life and its uses. She deftly drove the slippery sand and we wandered a beach, took a coastal cliff walk, lunched overlooking the bay. Skye's eye is well trained. She spotted dugongs, turtles and dolphins for us. High powered binos were provided for each of us, as well as polarized sun glasses to better see what was swimming. We toured the homestead before leaving. I highly recommend this tour as the deflating and inflating of tires is not so easily done on one's own and the skill of an interesting guide makes for a much more enjoyable trip.

Vertical Image
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

“Shotover Cruises”

Reviewed: 10/06/2013

A very good three hour cruise around shark bay on a catamaran. We spotted a good selection of marine life, reef sharks, loggerhead and green turtles, dolphins but unfortunately no dugongs as when the water drops a few degrees in temperature they migrate to warmer climes.

Vertical Image
Location: Sevenoaks, UK

“Shotover cruises”

Reviewed: 20/06/2013

We booked the 3 hr day cruise that took us to look for marine wildlife. Lovely and comfortable boat with friendly crew of two. Saw lots of dolphins!
The booking also included a free sunset cruise that provided lovely views of the sunset over Shark Bay and yes, more dolphins!

Vertical Image
Location: Singapore

“What a sunset”

Reviewed: 16/04/2013

Great way to relax and see the sunset over the water but I agree with some of the other reviewers that there was some over promise.
It was no frills in that you were encouraged to bring all your own snacks, drinks etc. It was unclear as to whether this included cups, plates etc - luckily we did bring all that. They did have chips and drinks for sale and sunscreen (thankfully because I forgot).
You are really only assured that the sun will set and they seem to forget to show us any wildlife. I was on the look out but didn't see anything. Really everyone just stayed in their groups and enjoyed the ride and sunset so 'tour' is an overstatement...

Vertical Image
Location: Australia

“Sunset cruise on the Shotover”

Reviewed: 08/01/2013

The sunset tour was absolute bliss. An excellent way to cool down during a heatwave and a beautiful relaxing experience. We also took the afternoon tour the following day. As promised, we saw quite a range of the marine wildlife. Only problem here was escaping the sun on a very hot day. Sun glasses and sun screen provided though.

Vertical Image
Location: Melbourne

“Shotover catamaran is a great way to see marine wildlife under sail”

Reviewed: 30/11/2011

Fantastic catamaran and crew - morning, afternoon and evening sailings [we booked a day sailing and evening sail was free]. You are out for about 2.5 h in day, 1.5h for sunset sailings. Best chance for dugong, dolphins ect seems to be the morning - but the comapny says that if you see nothing you can sail again for free until you do! We met some people who had done that and were very impressed. Crew really great too - provide on board polaroid sunglasses so you can see inot water, plus jackets etc etc. Apart from wildlife it is a great way to see Sharks Bay.

Vertical Image
Location: UK

“Enjoyed all 3 excursions”

Reviewed: 22/10/2012

I went on a full day's 4WD in Francois Peron National Park, a 3 hour day cruise and 1.5 hour sunset cruise with Wildsights. All of them were great! Saw dolphins, dugongs, rays, sharks and a sea snake both from Skipjack Point in the Park and out on the catamaran. Staff are friendly and helpful. I thought that these trips were good value for money. Thanks folks, you really made my few days enjoyable.

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Location: Unknown






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“Shotover” - Wildlife, Sailing & Fun.
Best for the animals, best for the planet, best for you...

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